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Image by sebastiaan stam

Director | Editor | Producer

Deryl's journey is a captivating narrative of artistic evolution and innovation. Before he steered the ship of film direction, he was celebrated as an Film Editor with a trail of accolades in his wake.

His voyage began in the world of fashion design, where Deryl embarked on a quest to weave fabrics and styles into breathtaking creations. However, his creative compass guided him towards wardrobe styling, and eventually, the enchanting realm of offline editing. Over the course of a decade, Deryl carved a niche for himself, renowned for injecting fresh perspectives into his edits and wielding impeccable technical skills as a VFX Supervisor.

With an intrinsic understanding of the language of film and a penchant for nonlinear storytelling, Deryl transitioned into film directing. His cinematic vision was soon hailed by big brands, and he became synonymous with slick imagery, immaculate art direction, and edits that never failed to astonish and exhilarate audiences.

But Deryl's story doesn't stop there. In a continuous quest to expand his creative horizons, he ventured into the cutting-edge domain of Artificial Intelligence. Here, he found a new canvas to paint his artistic prowess. Deryl's journey now includes the creation of enhanced content using AI, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and technology.

Awards and Honours >

2000 Malaysian Video Awards: Silver for Best Editing
2004 Asian Television Awards: Best Editing + Best Special Effects
2015 Citra Pariwara Indonesian Ad Awards: Beverage & Drinks Category
2018 New York Festival Global Awards: Social Media


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